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How To Fix Major Rust On A Car

Its ugly and its messy.

During a major auto restoration, your vehicle is disassembled and every part is either restored or replaced. Poor Mans Restoration’s minimum standard is to meet or exceed the quality of the car when it was new.

Rust Removal Car Restoration

Starting with the frame or body shell, all mechanical parts are removed and refinished – including new paint, metal, rubber, etc., using either stock or modified-from-stock parts.

Cheap Rust Repair

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of techniques and products that have been used in the past in order to effect cheap rust repair. They do not work. Poor Mans Restoration has removed and replaced most of the common cheap rust repair attempts. There is a reason that restoration pros call rust ‘cancer’ and ‘rot.’ Once it starts it does not stop unless it is removed. Sure, it may be slowed down or covered up but we all know what is going on. Some body shops that do not specialize in restoration may even think “out of sight, out of mind.” Not us. We know better.

Rust Repair Cost

The cost of each auto restoration varies greatly. The condition of your vehicle and how much customization you desire are factors in the cost.

If you like, we can restore your classic and have it look like it just rolled off the factory floor.

Here are a couple of photos of some recent rust removal work on a ’72 Camaro and a Chevy II.



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