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Ford Bronco Restoration Firewall Installation

The frame has cured after several days of preparation and we can now begin assembly. At this stage, fitting of panels is somewhat difficult for several reasons. The primary problem is that we have no factory specifications to guide us and the original parts from the Bronco are so severly deterioated that exact measurements can not be made.

But, we have to start somewhere. The photos here are just a handful of photos that cover a two day period. The photos show Tyrone adjusting and temporarily attaching a variety of panels to the frame. This process continues until Tyrone is very confident that things are right. It may take dozens of changes to any number of body panels until every part is attached within the specifications that Ty calls for.

Other work not shown is taking place also. Measurements and photos of the original rusted Bronco are being taken and transferred to the “what we know” folder. From this, we create “what we do not know.” From this process we have already determined that the dashboard attached to the restoration project is not identical to the original. Although the outside dimensions are the same, there are differences in number of control switch punchouts and their location. This is a classic example of restoration decisions that must be made – what is most cost effective? If a decision is made to use the original dash, it must be cut from the old carcass and welded to the new. That is time and money. If the dashboard now in place is to be used, can it, and should it be modified? Or do we order a new aftermarket dash? Luckily, Glen is already at work on determining what will be done.

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