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Classic Cars For Sale: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle

The 1972 Chevelle was offered with a variety of drive train combinations. The big blocks were still available in the Super Sports models but, emissions standards and high insurance rates resulted in factory changes that resulted in lower horsepower numbers.

Chevelle base models had the option of two available six cylinders engines. For buyers who wanted more power, they could opt for a V-8 Big Block engine. In 1972 Big Blocks were in abundance and both 396 and 454 cubic inch engines were availabile.

1972 Chevelle Engine Options

    • 250 cubic inch 145 horsepower 6 cylinder (base)
    • 307 cubic inch 130 horsepower V-8 (base)
    • 350 cubic inch 165 horsepower V-8 (base)
    • 350 cubic inch 175 horsepower V-8 (optional)
    • 402 (396) cubic inch 240 horsepower V-8 (optional)

As with many of Poor Mans Restoration projects, this Chevelle is available at any time during the restoration process.  If you are interested in this car, give me a call 251-605-1545.

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