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1978 Chevrolet Camaro Restoration Project


1978 Chevrolet Camaro

The Camaro received a facelift in 1978 with a new nose and body color urethane front and rears designed to meet the even newer federal safety crash standard. The rear-end was also redesigned with new rear taillights containing three color lenses with the fuel door in the center.

A new model was introduced, the Type LT Rally Sport. Also T-Tops were available on all models, and outsold the Mustang once again. All models except the Z/28 got higher gear ratios in an effort to improve fuel economy in the wake of the bad economy and oil crises.

The Z/28 sported the same 185 hp engine as the previous year, which is just a special of the same 4-barrell 350ci V8 available with other models.

The RS was once again available for the 1978 model year.

The Type LT (Luxury Touring) continued to sell well.

The Type LT-RS was new for the year as its own model and was essentially an LT with the RS package.