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1966 Ford Bronco Value

1966 Ford Bronco Value

Built as a direct competitor to the International Scout, the original Ford Bronco was initially offered in three cab types: a wagon, a pickup (discontinued after 1972), and an open model with cut-out filler panels instead of doors, Engine choices were limited to a 170-cid inline six-cylinder and a 289-cid V-8 during the model’s first year of production.

What is the value of this vehicle?

This restoration project is, as of now, limited to assembly of the body on the chassis. The owner has chosen to do much of the work after we are finished. So, the value of the vehicle cannot be determined until we have a finished vehicle. Hagerty, on their website today, January 13, 2020, show value between $81,000 for a “concours” rated vehicle and $18,000 for a “fair” rated vehicle. Also as of today, there are only two 1966 Ford Broncos for sale (Hagerty auction).  One has reserve at $33,000, the other at $85,000.

We continue to work on this Bronco daily. Most of the incidental is not shown. Continue to follow the restoration until completion.

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