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1963 Chevrolet Pickup


1963 Chevrolet Pickup Restoration


The 1963 Chevrolet nly year in the series with round headlight rings. The side fender emblem is more vertical in shape. 1963 was the final year in the series for the classic wraparound windshield. This also will change shape of the doors and result in a completely redesigned dash. This is the big year for major mechanical changes. A new design short stroke 230 six cylinder is standard. The famous 235 six (1954-1962) is history. Torsion bar front suspension (1960-1962) is replaced with the more conventional coil spring front end.

This vehicle is scheduled for a near-frame-up restoration. Bed has been removed and all body work on the bed completed. It will be primed and stored away for the time being.




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