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Glen Thomas | Poor Mans Restoration | 251-605-1545

Glen Thomas | Poor Mans Restoration | 251-605-1545

Mobile Alabama car restoration services at Poor Mans Restoration promises and delivers quality work. My standards must and will satisfy you. I will recommend the procedures and methods appropriate for restoring your Antique and Classic automobile to meet your specific needs. You can be assured that the entire project will be accomplished with full attention to the details you can’t see, as well as the finish you can see.

I believe in and stand by the service I supply. That belief is reflected in my customers’ enjoyment of their cars. Read the comments of some of my satisfied customers, or better yet, drop in to the shop, telephone, or e-mail me to review your needs.

Because no two cars are in the same condition when their restorations begin, it would be unjust for you to compare your estimate with that of another vehicle. It’s difficult for the shop owner to provide an estimate that will hold true throughout the length of the restoration process because the restorer doesn’t have X-ray eyesight; he simply cannot judge the amount of rust and body repair that might be required without disassembling the entire vehicle and inspecting every component. And because they cannot foresee every single problem, most restorers have a clause in their contracts that states an additional charge will be incurred if extra work is required. I only charge the customer true time if I work on your car a hour you only get charged for that hour – nothing more. If you want the absolute highest quality possible, there is no alternative, particularly from the restorer’s perspective. 

Most shops require a substantial deposit before work begins as it lets them start ordering the parts and supplies needed. The better-run shops will invoice you on either a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on what you have agreed to. Each invoice statement should include detailed labor descriptions, a listing of all purchased parts and a brief outline of the progress that is being made. If all charges are realistic, pay your bill promptly. Should you fail to pay your bills in a timely manner, the shop has the right to stop work, and your project will get pushed aside, only to lose its spot in line when you decide to pay what is owed. Up-to-date accounts always receive top priority. If a continuous restoration is beyond your means, set a budget with the shop owner prior to the start of the project. The restorer will then work against advanced installments until all the money is used up. Should you take more than 30 days to furnish additional money, a nominal monthly fee for storage and interest charges may be incurred. This is only fair, as space costs money.

Phone: 251-605-1545
E-Mail: tristateconst123@aol.com


  1. Nolan Perry

    Is there a long wait on a restoration project? I have a 1965 Thunderbird that I am looking to restore

  2. Jamarcus

    Hello my name is Jamarcus and I have a 94 Chevrolet Blazer not the s-10 the full size.. It was a family vehicle mechanically it is pretty sound except for a few issues.. The body maybe is 90% rust free.. Few small dings and scratches.. My concern is the interior and the wiring.. I’d like the interior re done in a vinyl like material something mud and water proof.. Dash is destroyed allot of the interior panels are cracked or completely broken, seats have lost their cushion.. The wiring in the truck is basically a diy job gone wrong I’m sure they have ran the hot wire for the headlights to everything in there and allot of wires are cut and the ac and wipers do not work properly.. What would be the time frame on the little rust it has, the dings and dents, complete wiring fix, and complete interior job?

  3. Shanda Cole

    1966 GMG short wheel base 3/4 ton. Looking for upgrades and restoration. Would you be interested in this project
    Its time for this truck to live again!!

    1. Malcolm Thomas

      Sure, We could talk about this project. Would like to put it in our schedule.



      1. Robert Baumgarten

        I still have 1947 Studebaker M-16 truck if you know anyone interested. You came out to look at it about 6 months ago in Tanner Williams.
        Thank you.

  4. Greg Kotowitz

    Hi, I have a1991 wrangler I am looking to restore. I am wondering if you can help me. I am looking to start the project in August and wondering if you are backed up with project or are able to start right away.

    Thank you,

  5. Randy Northam

    hello I have a 1953 r110 international looking to change to Diesel engine new trans and power tran no body work, love the way the trucks looks I just would like to be able to use it as a Dailey driver. is this something you do ? or would be interested in doing? thank you for your time. Randy Northam


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