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It’s true. I’ve had a passion for restoring vehicles since I was 10. From paint stripping, rust removal, and body work, to engine rebuilds, classic car restorations, and show quality paint jobs, my natural tendencies of perfectionism have served me well in the industry. Even with all the years of experience I cannot give you an estimate for rust repair until I have spent some time with the vehicle. Many times the most extensive rust damage is tucked away in unseen crevices which can substantially undermine the integrity of the car.

From a young age, I was taught essential core values that every good business owner should possess, including honesty, loyalty, and integrity. These qualities have allowed me to turn many of my customers into lifelong friends, while keeping new referrals coming in through the doors. Every restoration professional will tell you once you come up with a good solid estimate for rust repairs… double it.

Bring me the car. Let’s take a look.


Got Rust? Glen Destroys Rust Poor Man's Restoration 251-605-1545

Got Rust?
Glen Destroys Rust
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