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Classic Tune Up

Classic Car Tune Up Check List

Poor Mans Restoration offers tune ups for classic cars and trucks manufactured in the 30s up to late 70s.

Here are a few tips we can pass along for do-it-yourselfers:

Check Your Fluids

Keep engine oil and filter changed regularly.

Check all other fluids such as transmission, radiator, brake fluid and power steering. If any smells burnt, flush and replace. If your vehicle has been setting up for a year or more, flush and change all fluids because they have probably absorbed moisture from the air.

If the vehicle has been stored without the benefit of storage preparation, you may need to drain gas tank, gas lines and carburetor bowls. Gasoline left in the carburetor and gas lines is the number one problem with vehicles that have been stored without prior drainage and appropriate protection.

Be sure to check your brakes. Brake fluid will absorb water from the air if there is any leak in the system. Bleed the brake system to check for water or trash. Check the brakes before leaving your property – hand brake too.

Check Under The Hood

Check for leaks around the engine and under the car.

Check all belts and hoses. Questionable condition of any is cause for immediate replacement. Cracks, swelling, leaks or general deteriation calls for concern. Replace them before you get on the road.

Check condition of battery  and battery connections. If there is corrosion, clean with baking soda and water. If you experience any hesitation in starting the engine, have the battery load tested.

Check the air filter and clean if possible. If not, then replace it.

Check The Rest Of The Vehicle

Check tire pressure and condition of tires. Look for wearing or rot. Replace if there is any doubt. Check lug nuts for proper torque.

Check all lights and blinkers. This includes high and low beams, right and left turn signals and brake lights.