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Professional Rust Repair

Professional Rust Repair
Got Rust? Glen Destroys Rust Poor Man's Restoration 251-605-1545

Got Rust?
Glen Destroys Rust
Poor Man’s Restoration

Poor Man’s Restoration has decades of experience in automotive rust repair. When you have a need for repair of rust damage to your vehicle, take into consideration we have restored hundreds of rusted floor boards, rusted out radiator supports, rusted rockers , destroyed by rust cab corners and quarter panels, doors , bed sides and fenders.

Poor Man’s Restoration also paints frames after removing rusted areas.

Need new steel? Yes, we can do it.

Again, we have decades of experience and we want your business. Our low overhead means affordable prices and money saved.

One more thing–satisfaction guaranteed, or your rust back.

Check out some before and after pictures of our work on Facebook.

Call , text, or email Glen at 251-605-1545.


Rust Repair Shop

Glen Thomas of Poor Mans Restoration Shop in Mobile Alabama. Phone 251-605-1545


Poor Mans Restoration Shop repairs and replaces floorboards, trunks, rocker panels, inner pannels and all bodywork
needed for a full restoration or we can block out and have your project ready for painting. Or, we can restore to completion your cars and trucks and have your restoration project a rolling success!

Rust Repair Services by Poor Mans Restoration. Call Glen Thomas at 251-605-1545

Rust Repair Services by Poor Mans Restoration. Call Glen Thomas at 251-605-1545

If you’re getting your project restored or having a custom car built, you should expect affordable, high-quality and timely work. I’ve heard countless stories of customers coming from other places having to wait six months or more to get the restoration started, parts to be installed, or endless delays of acquiring replacement parts and often at a cost of three times or more than it should be!

When you decide on the degree of restoration that’s perfect for you taking into consideration the project’s  intended purpose, budget and overall quality level, I will provide you with an estimated timeline from start to install to finish.

Three weeks to three months should be expected from time of delivery – some repairs take more time of course. You might have to wait a couple of weeks for a unique trunk or floor pan if it is a special order, or if there are unplanned repairs, or if the project needs custom made parts like rocker panels, etc. But I will always aim to figure out what timeline to expect from the very beginning so you will know when your project can get on the road.

Give me a call. Let’s talk about your project and see if we can get rolling.

Glen 251-605-1545


Classic Auto Rust Repair

Rust repair on classic vehicles is at the top of the list of requested auto restoration services at Poor Mans Restoration. We get calls from all over the state of Alabama and beyond and are often told that the caller’s local shops do not want the work. Why would this be the case? Rust repair is a very time consuming task and most auto body shops cannot profit from these jobs. In order for you to find a professional rust repair shop you will probably discover you will have to find a shop that acknowledges rust repair as just another part of the complete job – a shop like an auto restoration shop – just like Poor Mans Restoration.

Classic Car Rust Repair | Poor Mans Restoration | 251-605-1545

Classic Car Rust Repair | Poor Mans Restoration | 251-605-1545

We at Poor Mans Restoration have been restoring classic vehicles for well over 20 years. Most of the workers in our shop grew up together fixing up old cars as teenagers. Over the years we have each taken on a speciality – some do engine rebuilds, a couple of the old gang do the painting and so on. But we all tackle rust. Having worked together for so long we each know what the other worker is capable of and we also know the quality of work we must each perform before the next expert can do his or her job. Yes, we have gals as well as guys working on most projects.

Poor Mans Restoration performs rust repairs, dings, glass replacement, customization, rebuilds, partial restorations, frame-up restorations and more. We never send a customer away if at all possible.

We are growing. We are now in the process of moving to a new area of town with enough acreage to expand the shop to three times its present size. That means you can get your project to us much sooner than ever before and we will have room for the whole gang to do their thing on a larger number of vehicles.

If you need rust repair for any vehicle or have a complete restoration in mind, give me a call at 251-605-1545. We can exchange comments and pictures and then you will be better informed as to how to proceed with your project. Also, we can pick up and deliver your vehicle in most cases.

I wish to thank the many customers that have made our success and growth possible. I am sincere in saying that comes from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much!

Glen Thomas

Mobile Alabama Car Restoration

1969 Mercury Cougar Convertible Restoration Mobile Alabama

Mobile Alabama Car Restoration Project
1969 Mercury Cougar Convertible

The 1969 Mercury Cougar is an elite production model from the muscle car era. The striking body line from the front fender to the rear fender and the hidden headlights puts the body style into the Lincoln class – much more sophisticated than Mustangs of the same era. This car is nothing less than sporting elegance with its sequential taillights and a minimum of chrome trim.

The car is powered by a 351 cubic-inch V8 which is perfect for this car. It has big block performance without big block weight and size. Topped off with a 4 barrel carburetor and finished with dual exhaust the Cougar is pure muscle car.

Only 4,024 convertibles were produced in 1969 making this car one of the most rare. This auto once restored will bring $27,000 plus. Our restoration started with replacing a severely rusted floor plan.

Cougar Floor Plan Upon Arrival at Poor Mans Restoration

Cougar Floor Plan Upon Arrival at Poor Mans Restoration



Cougar Floor Plan Replacement Panels

Cougar Floor Plan Replacement Panels