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Poor Mans Restoration shop is exactly that… the shop to use when you are poor like most of us are. We love classic vehicles and want to see them on the road so we are more than fair on pricing.

Professional Rust Repair

Professional Rust Repair
Got Rust? Glen Destroys Rust Poor Man's Restoration 251-605-1545

Got Rust?
Glen Destroys Rust
Poor Man’s Restoration

Poor Man’s Restoration has decades of experience in automotive rust repair. When you have a need for repair of rust damage to your vehicle, take into consideration we have restored hundreds of rusted floor boards, rusted out radiator supports, rusted rockers , destroyed by rust cab corners and quarter panels, doors , bed sides and fenders.

Poor Man’s Restoration also paints frames after removing rusted areas.

Need new steel? Yes, we can do it.

Again, we have decades of experience and we want your business. Our low overhead means affordable prices and money saved.

One more thing–satisfaction guaranteed, or your rust back.

Check out some before and after pictures of our work on Facebook.

Call , text, or email Glen at 251-605-1545.


Wanted Dead Or Alive: Old Pickup Trucks

Classic Trucks For Sale | Poor Mans Restoration | 251-605-1545
Classic Truck Restoration

Classic Truck Restoration

By the time he was sixteen years old, Glen Thomas already owned three pickup trucks. None of them were in particularly good shape but looking back on those times today, all three must have been the type of vehicle he actually wanted – something to work on; to make new again.

Over the years there has been a long succession of pickup trucks, sedans, convertibles and unclassifiable vehicles. Throw in a dozen or so tractors and motorcycles and you might start to realize that Glen just like fixing up old vehicles. His wife, Teresa, calls them all “rusted junk,” but Glen sees past the restoration problems and is yet to be intimidated by rust or dirt.

All across the Gulf Coast and beyond, Glen works with a multitude of classic vehicle owners, professional restoration shops and countless semi-pro types to locate, retrieve and restore classic vehicles. It is not uncommon at all for Glen to take off before sunrise to purchase another “pile of junk.” But… months later, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, Glen rolls out yet another gleaming classic that very few people are lucky enough to own and care for.

Glen takes pride in identifying vehicles worth the time and effort to put them on the road again. He is also quick to tell his customers that just about all old vehicles have some value – some just for salvage and some for parts. Glen also says that the internet has helped him with his restoration projects quite a bit. A quick exchange of photos by email is often all it takes to help him decide what should be done with a customer inquiry. 

There is always a nice variety of to-be-done projects around Glen’s shop. Today there is a 1963 Chevrolet pickup, two pickup cabs, a Chevrolet dully chassis with partial cab, mid-60’s Camaros and mid-70s Impalas. And, a couple of tractors and storage containers of parts. Glen keeps busy with them all and often finishes restoration of one in order to make a little money to get started on another.

Poor Mans Restoration, Glen’s shop, is pretty well known along the Alabama and Mississippi  coast. He attends many events driving one of his restoration projects and notes that he gets more positive comments on less than pristine restoration projects. “People really don’t care much about what a classic looks like on the outside. They just seem to enjoy seeing one on the road again,” said Glen. He goes on to say, “I have more people drool over old rusty trucks that I barely knock the rust off of before I clear coat them, than anything else. Now, that’s patina.”

Glen also has a unique way of working with customers on restoration projects. Customers can identify a project vehicle to purchase or bring their own. Then, the customer can walk away and wait for Glen to call and say their vehicle is ready. Or, they can retrieve the vehicle anytime during the restoration if they want to do some of the work for themselves. Either way, Glen guarantees you will be happy.






Auto Restoration Near You

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Are you the type of person who likes to be involved in your restoration? I take pride in listening to you, my customer. I have over 40 years of experience and specialize in vehicle restorations at the best shop rates in town. Please email with your name and contact phone number and we’ll call you back promptly. Thanks in advance!

Glen Thomas
ph: 251-605-1545

Glen Thomas | Poor Mans Restoration | 251-605-1545

Glen Thomas | Poor Mans Restoration | 251-605-1545


Poor Mans Restoration shop is exactly that… the shop to use when you are poor like most of us are. We love classic vehicles and want to see them on the road so we are more than fair on pricing.

We are quick to point out that you can own and drive a one-of-a-kind, unique, restored classic for less than the price of a new vehicle these days. And, restored classics increase in value every day–and, you know what the story is on new or late model vehicles–their values goes down every day.

Call Glen at 251-605-1545 to discuss your auto restoration project.